Digital Content Lead in Tulsa, OK at Cox Media Group

Date Posted: 5/3/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Summary



  • Editorial meetings
    • Advocate for the digital platforms. The Digital Lead will help direct multiplatform discussions and assignments for reporters.
      • This does not mean the Digital Lead will come up with all multiplatform ideas, but instead create a space for the entire team to discuss.
    • The goal is to get the entire newsroom thinking about how a story will play out across platforms as early as possible in the reporting process. These multiplatform assignments can (and likely will) change as the story develops, but we still want to have an initial brainstorm in the editorial meetings so everyone is aware of assignments. From there, the Digital Lead should meet with the Content Center Lead to update plans throughout the day as stories evolve and change.
  • Daily content planning
    • Meet with Content Center Leads after editorial meetings for a quick five or ten-minute huddle to map out digital needs for the day. These would be outside the scope of simply writing web stories, sending alerts, and posting on social media. These discussions should be centered around unique multiplatform opportunities, either driven by the Content Center or by reporter content. For example, is there a Burst opportunity for a story?
      • While the Digital Lead can provide recommendations, the Content Center Lead will do the actual assigning of content production.
    • This huddle is also an opportunity to bring up other content needs for digital outside of daily stories/reporter stories coming through the Content Center, such as back to school or high school football content. This allows the Content Center Leads to look at all of the content currently in the Content Center and allocate resources to priorities by platform.
    • Work with talent and/or marketing to develop unique video and social content related to stories. 
  • Digital platform programming
    • Review and assess digital platforms throughout the day from a programming standpoint to ensure digital goals are being reached. This involves surveying the website for fresh content and updated headlines and visuals. It will also include reviewing social media pages to verify correct posting frequency and post topic selection.
      • If goals are not being reached, dig into the why and work with CMG corporate and Magid to update strategies.
    • Throughout the day, look for opportunities to enhance multiplatform coverage through engagement tactics (such as Facebook polls) or interactive website content.
    • It is not the Digital Lead’s role to hound reporters or photographers for web scripts and visuals. That falls on the Content Center. However, if the Digital Lead notices there is something major missing on a key platform, they should bring it the Content Center Lead’s attention.
  • Analytics
    • Dig into analytics on a daily basis. Look for topic trends in high-performing content or areas of concern. Make sharing these findings a part of your update in the editorial meetings.




  • Feedback
    • There will be growing pains as new people become more heavily involved in digital platforms. The Digital Lead is a resource and subject matter expert who should provide frequent feedback to the Content Center team on what works and what doesn’t.



What we look for


  • Special events coverage
    • Create digital coverage plans for upcoming events such as elections and Back to School.
    • Build out web pages, design interactive web elements, order graphics, etc. needed to enhance this coverage.
    • If a content creator is needed to build out digital content, request their services through the Content Center lead.
  • Collaboration with other departments
    • Work closely with both Creative Services and Sales to optimize digital opportunities
      • What are the marketing plans on digital each day? What creative is being produced and for which platforms? Help to coordinate this.
      • Are there sponsorship opportunities for Sales? What digital content or products can help us with advertisers and how can we execute sales initiatives in the most efficient way?
    • Talent digital development
      • Take the lead on guiding the talent social strategy in the newsroom. This includes checking KPIs and talent performance, creating accountability measures, and holding one-on-one training sessions.
    • Digital training and strategy
      • Update strategies and training materials based on new research and trends, CMG KPIs, or changing algorithms.





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